"The world will become a better place when most business are driven by purpose, instead of competition"
- Astima KC


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A growing community of mavens who share the same beliefs in practicing 

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To produce high quality & objective driven videos that help to advocate & to amplify your business, branding & purpose 

ONE ETC PRODUCTION & ONE ETC ADVERTISING are both sister companies founded by group of talented marketers, artists and crews who have been in the industry for more than 10 years respectively. Our aims are to produce high quality of videos which are purpose and objective driven to help entrepreneurs to achieve their marketing & business objectives. 

"Mission & Vision of a company needs to be constantly communicated (internal & external) widely & effectively, or its value is no more than a decorative wall in the office.

We believe the 3 main pillars of most business objectives are : TO GET AWARENESS , TO GET SALES , TO RETAIN CUSTOMERS

In each of the objective above, we have solutions for purpose produced video respectively. Namely there are Brand Videos, Product Videos, & Business Supporting Videos, with each has its specific elements and characteristics 

Meet The Crew

Lip Tan

I'm the

head of technical crew

Ronz Chang

I’m the

creative director

Kelvin Chong

I'm the

marketing & business development guy

Kelvin CHONG

He greatly exercise both the left & right side of him (the logic & the art). 

The left side of him was contributed by his background in IT Engineering and 15 years of working experience from  business development to marketing and sales in the corporate world

The right side of him who is also a skilled photo & videographer. Used to own a wedding bridal house in PJ SS2. He is also the founder of AstimaPhotography and TheSlowMedia.com

With his dual side of talent, KELVIN is faithfully heading ONE ETC PRODUCTION’s business strategy & growth. Submitted himself in working with clients together to achieve their business goals.


Ronz, an born artist with the sense inherited from his creative families. Ronz has been an active singer & music composer during his early career. Many of his composed song were used by Taiwan Universal Music for their famous singer like 靜茹, 楊丞琳, 楊乃 ,吳莫愁, and etc. He is still actively involved in the music industry as one ofthe key contributor in ORANGEMAN (橘色人 ) music. Taking part in creative art & design, photography & cinematography, directing of music video and etc.


Ronz the creative director for ONE etc Production, exercising his full talent in creativity in all of the productions from TV commercials to Brand & Product Video, and Music Video to Short Film and etc. 


Lip , with more than 15 years of experience in filming production industry. Dedicated most of his early career in various ares from TV station, to documentary crew, live shows to TVC commercials and etc. Within the industry, we is called the "Super Crew" because of his capability and experience in technical production, and most of all , he is fun and with great personality, many loves to work with him.

The quality of the video is equally important with its purposed, as it determines if the video is compelling to our eyes. Therefore, the guardian of our production image from its quality, is non other than Lip, the Head of Technical Crew. 

Companies we served

here are some of the companies we serverd previously